About Project

Our project Nationsorg :

Better understand a departure or an installation to facilitate mobility
Change the perception of the world
International mobility
Skills development
Fight against isolation
Fight against prejudices
Fight against discrimination (man/woman/gender/origin/age)

Sustainable development



Notre projet Nationsorg :

Mieux appréhender un départ ou une installation pour faciliter la mobilité
Intégration sociale
Changer la perception du monde
Mobilité internationale
Développement de compétences
Lutte contre l'isolement
Lutte contre les préjugés
Lutte contre la discrimination (homme / femme / genre / origine / âge)
Développement durable



Наш проект Nationsorg:

Лучше понять проблемы переездов и интеграции
Изменить восприятие мира
Международная мобильность
Развитие навыков
Борьба с изоляцией
Борьба с предрассудками
Борьба с дискриминацией (мужчина / женщина / пол / происхождение / возраст)
Устойчивое развитие



About Naitonsorg (Part 1):

Work Online - Relax Offline!

Everyone of us travels sometimes and might face the same difficulties everywhere:
Language, local law, search for a job and accommodation, find interesting events and new friends, business partners,ask some advice etc.

All these and even more we're trying to realize in one place and in a mobile version (24/7 interactive in your pocket in any county).
The online portal http://www.nationsorg.eu is the central platform of the project and it's created for the following:
Imagine, you're a French citizen (from France) planning to go to Beijing (China).
Usually, before going there you will learn bit of Chinese language (with us or other source) then you will start searching for French people,

living in Beijing to ask local advices, meeting places, events etc. Before going there you can just choose the city:Beijing, language: French on

our website and see the French community and enter into the contact with them. Later, when you learn Chinese language you can change

the language (city:Beijing, language: Chinese) and communicate/meet with native people.

Visa version:

To know what's going on in the Chinese community of Paris (social-economic) you can choose the City: Paris, Language: Chinese.
To know about the life of French people in Beijing (China) you can choose: City:Beijing, Language: French.
The same rule applies to all the city-partners and languages.


Presentation of the main categories on the Home page
Language courses
Groups: different independent groups per city and language
Events: different independent events per city and language
Forum: different independent discussions per city and language
Partners: list of current partners with the possibility of subscription
Personal cabinet and profile creation
Possibility of cooperation between: Client2Client, Business2Client, Business2Business
Centralization of worldwide associations and ONGs for the possibility of creating mutually beneficial projects.

Online Franchising


As currently there are many different nationalities living in every worldwide' city, sometimes it's useful to have an option to be

once with your compatriots and with one click meet the local natives! (our portal proposes this and lots of other functionalities!).
The content of every language is independent !
Whitelabeling/Franchising: our partners can get the same website under their own names
Weather per every city
Three-stage Subscription form (User, Member, Volunteer)
Register and Login by Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, VK and Email
Personal page creator: every user can get his personal page with us
Possibility to work with different countries the same time
Errors gathering script (Orthographic and Technical)
City and language auto-recognition
Open-source API
Admin back-office
Newsletter module
Portal News module

Portfolio Nationsorg

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